CurtisTec - Curtis Technologies Limited - United Kingdom

Cancellation Policy

All the payments would be accepted on standard modes set by Curtis Technologies Limited. Curtis Technologies Limited. hereby takes no responsibility in terms of inaccuracy / discrepancy found in new domain name, kindly verify the domain name and extension for your assurance any modification in domain name will be made within 12-24 hrs or earlier. Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled as it is sent for processing immediately. Your personal preferences changed in the course of time, cannot serve a reason for refund or chargeback. Cancellation of service for on-going software designing, brand designing, and network services must be made at least seven 7 business days prior to the end of the current service period. Customer may send a cancellation request to: with appropriate reason Company shall also process additional verification process to confirm the client is the right authority.

Refund Policy

You are entitled to get 100% refund of the upfront payment you made (if any) in the event of:
You are not satisfied with initial design examples or templates.
We didn't start your project at all or we're unable to start soon.
We are unable to complete the project as per the project's specifications.
You want to cancel the project within 24 hours of making payment.

No refund will be given if:

You have already approved the design mockup. This condition will not apply if we are unable to complete the project as per the project's specifications.
The project delays are caused by lack of communication from your end..
No return is given in remote support services after your service is complete and client agreement has been signed by you. .
Note : If a user transfer the amount without selecting services , If the amount is greater than £100 it will be refunded after deducting of 30% of the amount into user bank account , if it is below than £100, it will not be refundable.

Curtis Technologies Limited reserves the right to change the policy mentioned at any point of time and I / we will be notified in a manner as Curtis Technologies Limited deems appropriate..